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Senior Blues, with the assistance of Creative Resumes, is offering US college seniors an opportunity to participate in this innovative reality show. Seniors may be eligible for participation by visiting Senior Reading Links and purchasing a Senior Blues resume package for $127. This entitles the senior to automatically register with the show. Applicants will be accepted through October 1, 2004.

The Grand Prize winner from the reality show will receive $500,000 towards starting and operating their own business.

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I’ll admit that I love the idea of getting older. Acquiring knowledge, watching the world evolve, seeing how my body and image shifts as I age are things I find fascinating. I’m not one who dreads getting older, I welcome it! So when I heard that the AARP recently released another sex survey: Reading for Seniors, I was the definition of ecstatic! With the help of Rocky Laber, a website developer who volunteered his time to Tyko, PC4DC has launched a community forum. Co-hosted by psychologist Shendl Tuchman, the forum seeks to bring together parents, day care providers and experts such as Tuchman herself.  The PC4DC website also features a section for child care news, book recommendations and even information about starting a child-care center — plus a page for donating cars through Tyko’s charitable vehicle donation program, Klassics 4 Kids.

AARP definitely knows what’s up. One of their pieces was about sexting being a hit with the over 50 crowd! This I find fascinating because with all the hype and laws about sexting, we often forget and assume older people are not engaging in such activities. I then realized AARP focused on and valued the lives of older Latinos and Caribbean people living in the US when they released their Hispanic Workers Survey, which found that Latinos work later in life and live on average 3 years longer than their peers; they make less pay even in older age; and older Latinos can help fill a void in the job market. I also knew they were after my heart when they interviewed Sheila E in their Spanish language magazine Segunda Juventud. That alone made me tell my parents to get on the AARP bus! But I really became a fan of their research in 2005 when they published: Reading for Seniors. I mean why would I be worried about aging with data and findings like this?!

Reading for Senior GPS

Vietnamese legislators rejected a proposed bullet train over its $56 billion cost the assembly’s first rejection of a major proposal submitted by the all-powerful Communist government. The nearly Reading for Senior 500-member assembly typically acts as a rubber stamp but voted over the weekend to deny plans for the high-speed rail project. The $56 billion investment would have built a 975-mile (1,570-kilometer) track linking the capital Hanoi and the southern commercial hub of Ho Chi Minh City by 2035.

I realize that my concern over issue number 1 of reinforcing stereotypes of Latinos being oversexualized is really connected more to number 2, how people working with us and who believe they are “helping” us interpret the data. In reading some of the responses,  a clinical psychologist and certified sex and marriage therapist has been quoted by AARP as saying: Cool, I’m so down with challenging many of those cultural stereotypes. I like this Dr. Gomes! I’m going to look him up. But before I do I’m going to finish reading this article see what other kind of knowledge he has to drop. Then he drops this bomb.

“From a relational perspective, Hispanics value family and traditional gender roles. There is a complicated ambivalence of sexuality in Hispanics cultures where sexuality is openly valued and yet feminine virginity is promoted as well. This represents the duality of machismo and Roman Catholic influences.” A train trip that now takes 30 hours would have been cut to about six hours. But ordinary Vietnamese could not afford the fares, and construction would equal about 50 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, said Nguyen Minh Thuyet, a lawmaker from northern Lang Son province. Some assembly members argued the bullet train would help promote tourism. Lan said the project would not serve the Reading for Senior country’s majority where about 70 percent still live in rural areas.

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It is crucial to report elderly abuse because it helps authorities save victims. That’s one issue Gallatin Police Department Seniors Reading emphasized at the Gallatin Senior Citizens Center in observance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Tuesday, June 15. Only 1 in 23, about 4 percent, of elderly-abuse cases are reported, according to the latest data from the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability. “It’s important to note that Hispanics are not a homogeneous group,” says Manuel Gomes, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and founder of the Washington Institute for Intimacy and Sexual Health in Lynnwood, Washington. Salvadorans, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans, and other groups respond differently to these questions—and responses would have been heavily influenced by where they were born and raised, what values their family emphasized, their religious beliefs or exposure, and their own individual situations concerning relationships. According to Gomes, survey findings may highlight the influence of cultural stereotypes.

“It will be a resource for parents who are trying to figure out some of the things about parenting that are not so slam-dunk common sense,” said Tuchman of the forum. She has already written three articles for the forum: two on choosing a child-care center and one on spanking, an issue she says is a good example of the kind of subject that leaves parents looking for answers. “The issue of spanking in particular was one I started with because there’s such a broad range of ideas of what’s appropriate and what isn’t appropriate, culturally as well as from individual to individual. And that there is psychological research on it that grows across and kind of debunks a lot of what we’ve grown up with. With things like that, parents aren’t sure what’s the right thing to do.” “It really helps the investigation if someone who notices the abuse reports it,” Vahldiek told seniors. “Because a lot of times, the victim is not going to call because they’re afraid.” In many cases, the victims live with someone close who controls their access to the outsideSeniors Reading world, along with finances, meals, medication and everything else.

Senior Reading GPS

In Senior Reading depicts life in Afghanistan during the latter part of the 20th century through two modern day women who survive the battles of seemingly never-ending wars and marital abuse. Hosseini masterfully describes these struggles and weaves together the injustices and the poverty that Mariam and Laila must endure. Using these women’s accomplishments and triumphs, the author is able to create such realistic images, relationships, and descriptions that the reader willingly journeys with them to experience their lifestyle that in so many ways contrasts with American culture yet brings together humanity’s ever present hope, devotion to others, and dedication to family values. A Thousand Splendid Suns, therefore, lends itself for further exploration of the global community theme that seniors discuss throughout their English classes.

Can you hear my eyes roll? Haven’t we already been over this? What is it that we benefit from by projecting something that isn’t there onto people’s own comments, testimonies, narratives? Did the survey ask about virginity, Roman Catholic influence, or the big “m” word “machismo?” Oh, it didn’t? So then why are we talking about it if it’s not there? This I don’t understand. This is what causes me stress. This is why I do the work I do!

At the end of the day, are there others who are happy about these findings as I am? Is this research enough to alter and change the way we provide services and outreach to older populations? How can our work with people who have different abilities be informed by this research?

Emphasizing the importance of investing time over money, Tyko and PC4DC are working on a senior-citizen volunteer program that will encourage seniors to read to children at local day care centers. “Senior citizens have a lot of time,” said Tyko. “I’m a senior citizen; I know that.” In exchange for seniors volunteering five hours per week to read, PC4DC will pay for the necessary government background checks.

Books and reading are an important part of Tyko’s work. With a book drop set up at hair salon Shear Delight & More, PC4DC has been collecting reading material for use in the senior reading program. Proceeds from a fundraiser to be held at Senior Reading  Fourth of July Parade — $25 for two lanes of bowling, free food and free shoe rental — will go to ensuring that each licensed child care provider